Hiring A Tax Attorney

Paying taxes is something that often causes people a lot of anxiety, as it can often be complicated; however, it can be a smoother process when you have the right help. A tax attorney is someone who can provide you with important legal advice regarding your taxes, whether you are a business owner or a first-time filer.

Saving Money On Your Taxes
A tax lawyer will not do your taxes for you, but they can provide you with important legal advice on the best way to file your taxes to reduce your tax liability. This is because a tax lawyer is familiar with the always changing tax code and regulations, both at the federal and state level, and knows how to help clients reduce their tax burden. This is especially important for business owners and those who are self-employed, as filing taxes in these cases can be more complex.

Answering Your Tax Questions
A competent tax lawyer can explain the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion and help you to organize your taxes in the most efficient and legal method. The attorney can advise you whether you should incorporate your business or operate as a sole proprietor to get into a lower tax bracket. They can also assist you by answering your questions with respect to which forms need to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Negotiating On Your Behalf
Should you encounter any disagreements with the IRS, it is highly advisable to have a tax attorney working on your behalf. They can assess your tax situation and negotiate on your behalf with the IRS to ensure that you are fairly represented. Many attorneys may even be able to reach a settlement on any arrears you may have with the IRS to reduce the amount payable.

Hiring A Tax Attorney
When choosing a tax attorney, you should select someone who is highly experienced in dealing with tax matters and is knowledgeable of tax law. It’s a good idea to ask friends and business associates if they can refer a good tax lawyer for you whom they have had good results with.